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A Better You Kettlebell Gym

A Better You, Built By You

IF you're looking for a way to scientifically blast your gains in strength, speed & stamina, while packing on dense 'real world' functional muscle and you are willing to put in at least 2 training sessions per week…

THEN What I am about to share with you is a piece of equipment and methodology that will revolutionize the way you train and the results you get. I Guarantee It.

In fact this piece of equipment has been creating such proven results, that a revolution has taken place with those who need real world strength, power and fighting ability or just all around good health.

I take training seriously and believe that if you're going to train, whether it be for the highest levels of competition and combat... OR... you are training to get fit, strong and look good in front of the mirror... then you might as well train with the MOST EFFECTIVE techniques and equipment.

You should always be optimizing your training to achieve more with less. So you can reach your strength, power and fitness goals in the quickest amount of time. That's why I have every one of my clients training with Kettlebell drills.

The Bottom Line is... there is simply no other exercise that can produce the sort of results Kettlebells produce in such a short period of time.

A Brief History of Kettlebell Lifting

Kettlebells have been in use in Russia for centuries and were at one time used by western strongmen and athletes, however when the west became obsessed with bodybuilding the kettlebell faded from popularity and was replaced with a variety of largely pointless exercise machines.

More recently the kettlebell has enjoyed a revival driven by a new breed of fitness enthusiasts who shun fancy machines and gyms and who have instead embraced a more rugged and fundamental style of training.

In the west the kettlebell revival was initiated in 1998 by Pavel Tsatsouline and 5 Time World Champion Valery Fedorenko . News of the effectiveness of kettlebell training began to spread amongst those trainers who keep on the cutting edge of fitness and the kettlebell revolution has now spread to all corners of the globe.

In particular Kettlebells have won over many people whose lives depend on their fitness. Kettlebells have proved to be the ideal tool for developing the all round fitness required for dangerous jobs in the emergency services and military. People who trust their live to their fitness trust their fitness to kettlebells!

Navy Seals, SWAT Teams, Special Forces Units and now Air Force One and Police and Fire Departments are using Kettlebells to give them the edge. Men whose lives depend on them being in elite physical condition, ready for anything at a moments notice.

Introducing the Kettlebell

At first it looks disarmingly simple… a chunk of iron, like a cannonball with a handle. You think, how could this be any different to a weird shaped dumbbell? Why is everyone raving about these things?

Here's Why… The second you pick up your kettlebell and grip the cold steel handle, you instantly feel its power. Images of the old strongmen, special forces and bare handed warriors flash through your mind.

You start to swing the Kettlebell, awkward at first as you get used to it. It takes a few reps, but then, everything starts to snap into place. You feel a surge of energy rush up through your legs and take over your body as oxygen laden blood flows through you. It feels like a mixture of high octane, muscle building fuel is pumping through your system.

The Science of Kettlebell Training... Why They Are So Effective?

The same way free weights are generally better than machines for making gains... kettlebells go to the extreme.

For example, squats with a barbell will get much higher gains than leg presses on a machine. This is because your body is recruiting more muscles to keep you stable and balanced. Your brain has to focus more on the area, firing off more receptors and flooding the area with chemicals, telling it to work.

Develop Real World Functional Strength

Because of the 'free swinging' nature of kettlebell exercises, and the momentum, it means you're recruiting more muscles and stabilizers and firing off even more receptors than you would with even free weights.

Instead of isolating muscles like free weights & machines, kettlebells work the body as a single unit. This is why they are so effective for real world situations, from every day life, to combat situations. In the real world, your body is working as a single unit, so it makes sense to train it that way.

With Kettlebell training, you will:

Condition Your Body to Absorb Shock

Pack on Dense 'Real World' Functional Muscle

Increase Your 'Functional Strength'

Develop Explosive Power

Strengthen Core stabilizers

Develop Endurance and Cardiovascular Fitness

Strengthen Tendons and Ligaments

Increase Overall Conditioning and Resilience to Injury

Create a Muscular, Toned Physique Without the Over Developed Body Building Look

World class martial artists (some of the toughest and fittest guys ever) fall down exhausted after a Kettlebell Session, discovering muscles they'd forgotten they had (hmmm, think about the value of that for a fighter who is essentially only as strong as his weakest link)

Men develop a body of iron strength, the V shape physique (and the confidence that goes with it)

Women finally develop the legs and butt (the kettlebell swing is possibly the best exercise ever for developing firm legs and glutes...burning of fat in all the right places like a laser beam) People eliminate all sorts of pain (shoulder, hip, knee, back) as they strengthen their core muscles and posture. Why would you spend another moment in pain and discomfort...

Some Examples of How Kettlebells Produce Such Raw Ballistic Power and Functional Strength in Users

Total Body Conditioning for Optimal Performance. With a 30-40 minute Kettlebell session, you get an intense workout for your endurance, strength, stability, mobility, balance, speed, power and agility. All in the one session.

Your body starts working synergistically as one powerful unit.

You're Only As Strong as Your Weakest Link

You've heard the analogy of 'You're only as strong as your weakest link' right? Well, traditional free weights training, especially body building, tends to focus on building only certain links (usually the most visible) i.e. Biceps, Triceps, Lats, Pecs, Quads, Thighs, etc.

The problem with this, is you're neglecting key linkages. You become overdeveloped in areas and underdeveloped in others. It's like a chain with huge links being connected with tiny, weak, rusted links. Get the picture? It's injury waiting to happen.

In fact, it is the ability to explode all your links into action in a coordinated way, that is going to create the most power to get the job done.

Kettlebell training is one of the most effective ways for strengthening those links. This means greater overall strength and explosive power, less injury... Basically, you feel like you're walking around in a suit of armor with no kinks in it.

Create the Physique of a Spartan Warrior

Not only are you developing almost super strength and power, the exercises build dense muscle while blowtorching off fat, leaving you with a chiseled, hardened, proportional physique.

The reason Kettlebell training is becoming so popular is because it does leave your body looking so great. Dense, toned and a powerful, muscular physique, without the overdeveloped, bloated look that bodybuilding can give you. (It was for this very reason the actors in movie 300 used them in their preparation training).

Imagine the person you'll become after training with this several times a week. After two weeks of training, people start to notice the difference in you. Firstly, you walk taller, a combination of your stabilizers being strong and your core now being solid.

But also because of the confidence that comes from being in shape, both mentally and physically. You walk down the street, knowing the immense power, strength and functional ability you now have, deep inside you.

The Kettlebell Revolution

Kettlebell Training is producing such powerful results that barely a day goes by where I don't get a call, or receive a letter or email from someone who I've either trained or who has started Kettlebell training and experienced the amazing results from it. And when I say amazing, I mean amazing... As you'll discover after your first session.

The Exercises:

The swing - Guys, blast your glutes, hamstrings and quads while developing lower back endurance and core strength. Ladies, burn fat and improve muscle tone in your whole lower body all with one simple move

The clean - Learn to absorb and redirect force with the clean

The snatch - Develop explosive grip and shoulder strength, flexibility and speed with this brutal drill. Burn fat faster than you ever thought possible

Military press - strengthen the shoulders and muscle up your arms with kettlebell overhead presses

Floor press - The kettlebell bench press for pecs that are as strong as they look

Front squats - Work all the muscles in the legs and develop strength without the chafing thighs

Turkish get up - the king of core drills, the Turkish getup strengthens every muscle in your body and develops resistance to injuries

The windmill - The ultimate strength and flexibility drill for the core, back and legs

Now is your best opportunity to add the breakthrough of kettlebell training to your program and start experiencing the results for yourself.